In todays competitive environment, collaboration and partnering is vital across a multitude of industries and interest areas. HAM's ability to partner and collaborate internally within an organization for strategy success is how are clients succeed.

Our goal is to create an outstanding customer experience by leveraging our strategic alliances and partnerships in the HAM network. This allows us to offer a broader range of expertise to our clients by bringing their strength to the project.

Ham has over 10 years experience partnering with strategic alliances to tackle complex, high-stakes projects and collaborate to deliver amazing results.




Founder and Managing Partner of Human Asset Management, Marion Wells is a talent development consultant for companies that aspire to achieve significant organizational results through the development of their human capital. Marion has over 30 years of business solution experience in manufacturing and the automotive industry that gives her deep credibility, experience and understanding of how businesses function. She works with leaders who are committed to balancing the reality of the industry and organizational challenges with the need to effectively lead others. While examining these often conflicting priorities, Marion helps her clients gain clarity about what is important and align their decisions and behaviors accordingly.

Administrative and Marketing


Administrative and Marketing team member whose primary responsibility is to facilitate the efficient functioning of the office through a range of administrative and clerical tasks. As well as manage the marketing activities including management of the CRM, and outreach to potential clients.

Partner and Project Management Director


David Lentz, a Consultant, brings over 20 years of project management experience across a broad background of small and large manufacturing and business environments including Automotive OEMs. In every step of his career, David has succeeded in developing and inspiring team cultures. His mission is to teach the idea that by focusing on developing your employees first, they will make it their mission to advocate on behalf of the company. David delivers proven strategies for teaching how to gain team buy-in by utilizing project management techniques to enable them to be successful in delivering results.

Marketing & Sales Consultant


James supports HAM’s clients as a passionate marketing and business development professional whose expertise is focused on innovation and helping those clients develop a relationship-driven approach to business. With additional experience in social media, brand development, and sales team training. James has a wide skillset acquired from a versatile background. From excelling to a Director position in the early years of Dan Gilbert’s booming real estate mogul, Bedrock Detroit. To most recently, bridging the generational gap to help an agency of 25 years grow to develop the business practices and philosophies necessary to be successful within the logistics industry in today’s fast paced market.

Web Developer & Designer


Eric helps HAM and their clients to transform the way they use technology and create better experiences for their customers. He helps design the overall layout and look for websites and also develops custom applications. His focus is to help businesses optimize their websites, help create a friendly user experiences, maximize the use of tech opportunities, and much more. From digital strategy to technology change project; as technology rapidly evolves, this area of work is becoming increasingly important to ensure the future growth of HAM and our clients.