Human Asset Management Talent Development Consultant and Partner Shares 3 Favorite Articles: Profiles, People, Purpose

MMT’s Editorial Advisory Board shares its top MoldMaking Technology articles of all time and how this content has been valuable to their businesses. 

Official Launch of STAR Scholarship

Founder of Human Asset Management Marion Gilbert Wells officially launches the STAR scholarship to her community on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Materials Science + Steel + Scholarships = Success

MMT Editorial Advisor Marion Wells is asking industry colleagues to join her by making a donation to help fund the STAR Scholars program to raise awareness of materials engineering and diversify the field […]

Alumna aims to get students—and an industry—excited about materials science education

Marion Gilbert Wells has had a long career in the steel industry and wants to support the next generation of materials science & engineering students.

MMT Chats: Making the Argument for a Mentoring Program

What employers need to think about as they reopen post-pandemic to improve employee engagement.

Planning for the 2030 Workforce Challenge

Christina Fuges and Marion Wells of Human Asset Management discuss what the year 2030 means to mold builders, the importance of shop culture to workforce development and a collaborative project […]

A Look at Speed Mentoring

Speed Mentoring consists of a quick 30-minute session during which participants will have five interactions with potential mentors and mentees. The goal is to help you find a connection to […]

Planning for Manufacturing Change and Technology Readiness

Consider how the manufacturing process will change in the next ten years and then start planning to be technology- and workforce-ready. 

2020-2023 Editorial Advisory Board: Meet New Board Member Marion Wells

The 2020-2023 version of MoldMaking Technology’s EAB features a new crew of 12 industry professionals. Here’s one of them.

What About Mentorship?

MoldMaking Technology steps back to take a broader look at the value proposition of mentoring and launches a pilot mentorship program.